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Vampire Hunter Kits
Usually the contents of the kit would be contained in a chest-like box with various compartments. Each kit consisted of the typical anti-vampire tools. Today these vintage vampire slaying kits are being sold for more than six-thousand pounds.

The syringe was used to inject the vampires with liquid garlic or one of the many potions and serums included in the kit.
The wooden hammer included in the kits was used to drive the stakes into the vampires. Some hammers had a crucifix embedded into the head. Roughly six to seven inches long (depending on the kit), the hammer was a vital tool for slaying.
The garlic came in a variety of different consistencies and was often referred to as “Usturoi”. Either whole cloves, powder, or liquid, depending on the kit. The cloves were most likely worn by the slayer for protection. The powder was used as a mace-like substance, intended for blinding or disorienting the vampire. The liquid could be put into a syringe and injected into the vampire’s blood stream.
The stakes were driven into the hearts of the vampires. Often vampire slaying would consist of digging up the grave of the alleged vampire and driving a stake through the corpse, pinning it to the ground. Some stakes were shaped as crosses, having a crucifix attached to the top and a point at the bottom. Others were cylindrical shaped with a point at one end and the symbol of the cross etched into the top.
Prayer Book and Bible
Mostly used for protecting the slayer, they were also used for performing exorcisms on vampires or demons.
The symbol of god was the slayer’s most useful tool. Often attached to a chain for ease of access, the crucifix was used mostly during prayer and exorcisms. The crucifix was usually made out of silver. This material was believed to be a extremely potent and unfavorable for the vampire.
Weapons and Ammunition
Each kit contained ranged and hand-to-hand weapons to battle the beasts.
Knives and Daggers
Various knives were included in different kits. Some were used for throwing while others were specifically used for close combat.
Revolvers and Bullets
Revolvers in the kits came with gunpowder and silver bullets. The silver in the bullets was believed to be what actually harmed the vampire.
Crossbow and Bolts
Crossbows were another useful ranged tool. The bolt’s tip was also made of silver.
Bottled Vampire Repellents
The kits also included a variety of different oils, ointments and other holy substances.
Also known as holy soil, pamant was used for ceremonial purposes. Like holy water, it was the blessing of the soil which gave it the holy title. Pamant was either placed on the grave or body of the accused vampire.
Agheazma, better known as Holy Water, was also used in ceremonies. Either sprinkled on the slayer for protective purposes or used to harm the alleged vampire.
Mir is more well known for its reputation of being one of the three gifts given to the son of god. It was an anointing oil which would be placed on either the slayer or vampire.
Tamaie was holy incense. The distinct smell given off by the object was used in ceremony, whether it be used for protection or to ward off the evil spirit which lay in the vampire’s body.
Used for ceremonies like exorcisms, prayers, and seeing in the dark.
Metal Teeth Pliers
The metal teeth pliers were used to remove the fangs of vampires. Also known as the Dentol, this tool was between 5-8 inches long were basically a pair of metal pliers.


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